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    Like bread cast upon the waters there now return the responses of mentalists from many nations, kindred's and races of men. When writing my new book: "Within the Mind Maze" in the stillness, silence and solitude of this mountain astronomical observatory up here on this summit of the Sierra Madre range, in California, U.S.A; even in the midst of witching hours of night, apparently among the stars, an enchanting effect of perspective in pure mountain air, I used the word – mentoid. Since then I have published everywhere, that it was with misgivings and hesitation that I finally published the book containing this compound word made up of parts of two words in the Greek and Latin languages. The intention was to print a word having the meaning of thought-body, thought-form; mind-model, mental-image, thought-pattern, thought-design; and in the language of architects, thought-specification. Now all of these forebodings, and fears that the word would not be well received have vanished. Letters from mentalists are now coming from many parts of the world praising the use of the expressive and impressive word, mentoids. All fears of its non-reception have been dissipated; and now, as I write in the intense silence of a far and away peak in the negative or night side of Nature, I here and now write, state and assert that only two entities exist, namely,


    The words are written in capital letters: they go to the Siddhanta Deepika Magazine to be published to the world, let the consequence be what they may. The entire Sidereal Universe does not contain any entities whatever but these two. Mind created Electrons, and from these formed all things in existence. Electrons are absolutely pure Electricity; and their diameters are so excessively short that if a row of them side by side in contact could be made, then the row one in their length, would contain 12,700,000,000,000. Hydrogen atoms are the lightest bodies of matter known to chemists but one atom of this rare gas is 2000 times more massive than one electron. A row of electrons however cannot be forced into contact by man, as they repel each other. The isolation and weighing of one electron by Professor Millikan of the University of Chicago, was an achievement so transcendently sublime, difficult and arduous, that it at once elicited the admiration of the entire scientific world, and ranked with the equally arduous and difficult work of measuring the distance of a star from the Earth. Electrons quiescent are not matter; but when they revolve around each other, the motion, number of electrons revolving, the diameters of their orbits, and directions of revolution, with high but varying specific speeds, determine what atom of a chemical element shall form and appear in Cosmic space. All of the near 90 places of matter, elements now known are composed in their varying atomic structures of rapidly revolving electrons. This motion is the life of all matter. And the very ancient philosophers of India, the Aryan, scholars were aware of the existence of such ultimate's and motions. These electrons and naught beside, were created by the Master Mind. Since their creation, they have been directed into myriads of forms by the Master Positive Creative Mind. And they are negative to positive Mind. Mentoids are the only manifestations of primordial Creative Mind. No object whatever expressed in matter, anywhere in the Sidereal Universe, can appear without a preceding mentoids or thought form. These models are filled out with electrons, atoms, Molecules. And this basic fact of all that exists is made exceeding clear in my new book. It is a rigid law of Nature; and the sooner all mentalists adopt it the better for themselves and mankind.

Professor Larkin's "Mentoids and Electrons"


    Professor Edgar Lucien Larkin's article on "Mentoids and Electrons" has caused me to think and reflect a good deal. The learned Professor's book "Within the Mind Maze" I have not yet read for the simple reason I have not seen it. But this new creation "mentoid" like another invention of a President of the Psychic Research Society "Meta psychic", or super-psychic shows how the inquiring and investigating genius of the West is slowly but surely climbing up the steed and inaccessible heights of thought and sense perceptions into the ethereal atmosphere of pure thought. The West has for long been wedded to the idea of chemical atom as the simplest and irreducible element of matter. The discovery of electrons and the further discovery of trions clean dislodged the Western scientific world from the apparently impregnable position it has taken behind the chemical atom. A French Professor, who was President of the Psychic Research Society found the necessity of inventing a word like "Meta-psychic" to commemorate "the crossing of the rubicon" of thought-perception like that of sense perception which was described by the term meta-physical. The meta-psychical transcended thought-perceptions as the meta-psychical transcended sense-perceptions. Now Professor Larkin has found the necessity of inventing the word "mentoid" to describe the first "and only manifestations of primordial Creative Mind."

    One has to perform 'Nama-dharana' i.e., fix the apperceiving power of "the Original Creative Mind" on the name or Nama, to perceive what the thing is, which it is intended to denote or indicate. At first it was a little confusing to follow the learned Professor because of the conventional meaning which has come to be attached to the words thought-form, thought-body, etcetera by the new vocabulary of the Theosophists. But the words "Mind-model" "thought-designs" and "thought specification" gave me a clue to get at what Professor Larkin was aiming to express and my fixing the attentions on his idea and performing yoga-samyama on that idea led me to an understanding of the truth which he was endeavoring to convey to his readers. This is my exposition of what I have been able to apperceive in the process adopted by me to fix at what he means by "mentoids"

    I take it that "Mentoids" are nothing more nor less than the first operations of the primordial Creative Mind. We call it Tejo manas and Unmanas – the first being the negative, and the second, the positive aspect of the Original Creative Mind. The Sruti indicates it very well. In the cavity of the heart known as Anahata is a sound, sabdha, the vibrant waves of which form the Akasa or ethereal space which pervades all-through, including electrons, trions and what not. The sum-total of its variations in octave is 21,600 in one 'One' stands for the unit of primordial sound or sabdah. Within this unit of primordial sound known as Anahata sabdah (the eternal non-passive or creative sound), is the tone of the sound called Dhvanih. This dhvanih represents the motif or the Unit of Dynamic force which sets the vibrant particles of the primordial self-creative sound in motion.

    Within this dhvanih or the unit of Dynamic force is what is called Jyotih – "the Light" – the primordial form of that creative light which is the cause of all material creation from trions and electrons to sun, moon and stars. Even thought-forms are composed of this light. It is from this "light" the original Creative Mind makes all things that are made. All forms, be they subtle thought-forms or grosser forms of matter are made of varied and varying vibrations of this "light" and are ultimately reducible to its primordial origin. This Jyotih or "the creative light" is the Vital Elexir or secret store of Energy which performs all wonders. The inexhaustible energy of the Sun as well as the comparatively inexhaustible light of the radium are both drawn from this storehouse of Universal Energy/ It is the unit of vital Energy as the "horse" is used as the unit of mechanical energy. It is a combination of the positive and negative aspect of the Original Creative Mind, as the potter's clay is the combination in due proportion of the hardening substance 'clay' and the softening substance 'water'. 'Clay' is symbolical of matter and 'water' symbolical of the original creative Positive Mind which reduces all to a state of fluidity before impressing the hardening substance with its name and form.

    The Positive aspect of the Original Creative Mind is Spirit. Its negative aspect of Matter. And the latest definition of matter according to Advanced Science in the West is "Matter is mode of motion" And all rhythmic, regulated motions are spiral in form. Otherwise we cannot have that infinitude in the modes of motion which we find actually exists and is necessary for the onward progress of the World through evolution and involution.

    Within this creative light or Jyotih is the original Self-creative Mind which is the origin and cause of this Universe and all there is on it. The Sruti says that this original mind is capable of all the three-fold acts of creation viz., that of creating, sustaining and destroying all forms. And yet what is this all powerful Mind? It is only a Name! It is Anirvachaneeya – a thing of which nothing definite, such as it exists or its exists not, can be positively asserted. For if one comes to perceive it by the Higher Intelligence which merely uses it as the potter uses his wheel to fashion pots of various forms it is realized as nothing more than the Law of Polarity which sets the opposite poles in action to move towards each other and rushing into one another's arms as the lover and the beloved rush to realize the light of joy; and causes repulsion when they are not oppositely mated. It is the unmanifest cause of attraction and repulsion and as a consequence, of the Law of Attunement. But this Original Creative Mind, this divinity which manifests itself as the Law of Polarity and Law of Attunement is not eternal though comparatively so and long lasting. For, it merges in its own cause "the Magnetic Center" of infinitude "which is the Magic Circle of My Holy Mother whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere."

    The Sruti says: "Tan mano vilayam yate tat Vishnu Paramam Padham." That in which this self-active, self-creative mind merges that is Vishnu (the All-pervasive), the Supreme State.

    It will thus be seen that the first operations of the Original Creative Mind are three-fold in action, as all things perfect are three-fold. It creates, sustains and destroys and itself merges in a cause indicating that it is both producer and product. While it produces the universe it is itself the product of something which is higher, greater and more powerful than it is. What Professor Larkin designates 'mentoids' therefore are but single aspect of the Original Creative Mind whose first operation are three-fold. And all creative acts are three-fold in action.

    Professor Larkins 'mentoids and electrons' it would appear are confined to what is called three dimensioned space. But there is a fourth dimension of space which pervades all through its other dimensions, length, breadth and depth, which I would here take leave to describe as the magnetic center of space whose magic circle is all center without a delimiting circumference. The first operations of the Original Creative Mind (which abides and works within 'the creative light' or Jyotih as the potter lives and works in the midst of the clay which he fashions into all shapes and forms), is in the four dimensioned space and not-the three-dimensioned space. The comparison of the original creative mind to the potter is in one respect misleading for the Original Creative Mind is not the efficient cause as the conceiving potter is. It is only the co-efficient cause as the hands of the potter and the wheel which he uses to fashion his wares are. This distinction must be carefully borne in mind if Professor Larkin's "mentoid" is not to lead one to further confusion.


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