Sunday, October 27, 2013


    Of a fine morning when the birds are warbling on the trees, when the glories of colored clouds and the bright sky are mirrored forth in a sparkling and gushing stream as it leaps down a hill, I stand in a valley, amidst shrubs and trees and as I view the beautiful panorama of life my being thrills with pleasure and my soul is filled with happiness ineffable. The sight bewitches the eyes, the music of the birds delights the ear and the scent of a thousand forest flowers and herbs pleases the sense of smell beyond measure. In this exercise of the sense arises an elevation of Being and man's Soul communes with the Soul of the flowers, the birds and the bright sky.

    The whole existence is one. The lovely flower that charms the eye; the trees with their leaves and the earth covered with grass-all fill the soul with a sense of expansiveness. Have you ever stood on a precipice and looked at the beautiful valleys below and the glories of the sky above? If you have, then verily, the soul has experienced the fact of its permeating all objects of its vision.

    The life of the bird that warbles its melody on the tree, the life of the green branch wafted by the breeze, that of the earth and that of the sky is from one reservoir. In each is a crest of the wave from the ever-surging waters of the Universal Life.

    Forms change, life puts on new shapes. There is no destruction of the shapes – the vehicles of life. Old forms are burnt up and mew ones are ushered into existence. In the grand facory of Nature, there is a constant mutation of the worn-out vehicles into new forms of beauty. The burning ground is but the gateway of life from one set of forms into another.




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