Sunday, October 28, 2012


            Chidambaram is derived from two Sanskrit words Chit and Ambaram. Chit means knowledge and Ambaram means Akasam, i.e., Ether. Both words mean “Ether of Knowledge” or knowledge itself.

            The scientific world has discovered that Ether is the basis of all the material universe and the Vedas declare that (Wisdom), Pragnanm is the Ether of Wisdom, i.e., Chidambaram. Chidambaram is the only seat of all science and learning. Whatever a man thinks, sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels are all Chidambaram. All thoughts proceed from Chidambaram and go back to Chidambaram. The sounds also come from that sphere. Forms are the manifested conditions of the unconditioned Supreme Wisdom which the Vedas call Pragnanam, Chidambaram, chidakasam, and Pragnanam all mean Supreme Wisdom. The Sun pours forth his rays in all directions. The rays themselves are not the sun but the rays are not without the Sun. In the same way the various phenomena in the universe are the luster of the Supreme Effulgence which is reality have no change of mood but the various forms the phenomenal worlds may have with Chidambaram as their common and permanent center. Jewels may appear various but gold is same. Jewels are not gold and jewels have no existence without gold. Jewels with name and forms have no reality without gold. In the like manner the names and forms of this universe are nothing but the manifestations of the self-effulgent and blissful Praghnanam-Rig Veda gives to us in its Holy words that “Pragnanam Brahmam” which means “Supreme-wisdom is God.” This Supreme wisdom pervades everywhere. It is unlimited, ever shining and ever blissful. The various mental and intellectual productions in this universe are only the rays of that Supreme effulgence, Every invention of the human brain is only the reflection of that supreme light Chidambaram, which Theosophists call the Astral light. He who wishes to have a look at this light should purify his heart by good actions and elevate himself above the ordinary plane. This elevation brings upon him peace, harmony, mental equilibrium and perfect wisdom. Pairs of opposites do not affect his mind. He is ever calm and peaceful. This universe is a Paradise to him. Santi (peace) is the watch word of such a Divine Man. The great sage Patanjali, author of “Yoga Sudrams,” is the founder of Chidambaram temple in South Arcot wherein he has explained the above truth by way of Symbolism. This is the secret of Chidambaram. Yogis and philosophers understand its truth. Om Tat Sat.

M. B.

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