Monday, October 15, 2012


(A Midnight Reverie).

    The distant dog howls. The row of lights lit up for the Dipavali is drying out from its solitary cup. The sound of the bolting of the neighborly door strikes on the ear. The drawling and dragging of something not far-off grates on the otherwise still atmosphere. The watch on the table ticks. The clock just now tolls the eleventh hour though the night has really advanced six minutes further. The hungry babe cries for its mother's nourishing care. Life's breath vibrates the air. The heart make music within. This pen scratches on this tissue at the darkest part of the day – nay the month – being the Amavasya day.

    But for these intermittent detractors, the whole universe is at repose. Solemn stillness reigns supreme and serene. Stars are throwing their smiling furtive glances over the earth, God's presence and His glory are felt all round. No devil or satan can be seen, they being mere fancies or the creations of the evil and sin existing in one's self.

    Now what is it that exists?

    The monarch's sway is not seen. Power and pelf have dwindled to nothingness. The hurry and the bustle have gone. The competing hands and the jealous hearts that plan and plan to outwit their brother traders and businessmen lie listless on beds, rough and smooth. Gentle balmy sleep sways sole on the sovereign and the shepherd alike.

"Showing life's triumph in the map of death,

And death's dim look in life's mortality."


*    *    *    *    *    *

"As if between them twain there were no strife,

But that life lived in death and death in life."


    The crackling, pattering, bursting and shooting fireworks are hushed. The glowing, sparkling and the hewing sticks that illumine and divinate the faces of young damsels are faded. The frolicking, active urchins, with a smile and dimple in their careless faces, are rocked in slumber. The doing and undoing wealth has been wasted and turned into smoke and fumes and has mingled with the air. The shining, fascinating dresses have been rejected and put aside.

    Thus vanity devoid of its vitality is dethroned by simplicity. Artificiality is banished. Nature feels happy at herself being herself.

    Now the screeching owl whips the aerial space.

    Anxiety, study, meditation and prayer keep awake. Alas! sickness, treachery, murder and perjury claim kinship with the nobler kind.

    The young plants grow faster. The embryo develops larger. Strength and energy are recouped and recovered.

    Thus night is true and day is false; night is real and day is unreal; night is stately and day is strange; night is simple and day is vain; night is natural and day is artificial; night is permanent and day is transient as involution and evolution respectively.

    But these are merely relative terms. Then what is it that exists? What is it that is eternal? The Trinity is eternal. What are they? Self or Ego, Love and Knowledge. These are the representations of Matter, Soul and God respectively. Now how are they? Matter stands alone separated from soul. Love and Knowledge are in Advaita union. Soul doth abide in God.

"J. N."





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